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Harmonizing Reporting Pilot: Mid-Term Review
Global Public Policy Institute
26 Jul 2018

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This review details the experiences with and results of the “Harmonizing Reporting Pilot” up to its mid-point. The Harmonizing Reporting Pilot is an international reform pilot which seeks to simplify the reporting of humanitarian activities by testing a standardized template. Supported by 12 donors and 23 partners across three pilot countries (Iraq, Myanmar and Somalia), it is the first time such a system-wide reform takes place. The initial results are encouraging: the new template is appreciated for its accessible language and one third of users feels it saves time. Yet the review also shows areas for improvement: the new standardized template is not as widely used as it could be and the initial “one-size-fits-all” approach has its limits. As a result, adjustments to the template and further guidance on how to use it are necessary



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