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Navigating the Nexus : A brighter future for refugee and host community children in West Nile, Uganda
World Vision
17 Aug 2020

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Through its response to large-scale humanitarian needs precipitated by over a million South Sudanese refugees fleeing to Uganda throughout 2016 and 2017, World Vision has built an understanding of the needs and aspirations and gained the trust of many refugee and host communities in the region. This case study examines World Vision’s experience of adapting its programming in a refugee context to respond to the multiple needs of vulnerable children, families and communities; support them to achieve their long-term aspirations; and determine how these efforts can best foster social cohesion among and between households and communities.

Navigating the Nexus in the Democratic Republic of Congo
World Vision
19 Feb 2020

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Based on extensive experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically in Rutshuru in the east, World Vision has accumulated lessons learned and recommendations around how agencies can sustainably programme across the humanitarian-development-peacebuilding nexus in an integrated way in fragile contexts.

Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The

Multi-Year Planning and Funding - Implementer Perspectives
World Vision
26 Feb 2018

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This study briefly examines World Vision's implementation of Multi-Year Planning and Funding (MYPF). Through interviews and document reviews of World Vision programmes in Jordan, Mozambique, Somalia, South Sudan and Zimbabwe, it seeks to understand the benefits of MYPF, as pledged by GHD donors.

South Sudan


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