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05 NOV
The Grand Bargain: A Vehicle for Simplification
VOICE and Coordination SUD

Paris (FR)
This workshop is organised in the frame of the VOICE Grand Bargain project and is one out of a series of workshops at EU level that addresses different crosscutting issues around the Grand Bargain work streams and its overall implementation process. The first EU workshop took place earlier in March, in Brussels and addressed the thematic of cash programming.
This is a public workshop for NGOs to share their expertise and views around simplification in the GB process and the Save the date can be downloaded through the following link

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13 MAR
The SCAN Tool: Maximizing Reach & Impact with Limited Budgets
IRC / Mercy Corps / CARE / Accion Contra el Hombre / Save the Children

Increasing numbers of people are in critical need of aid and more funds are needed more than ever. It is crucial that funding is directed towards the right programs: cost-effective interventions that have the biggest impact on the most people. Learn how SCAN, a web-based cost-efficiency tool, can help humanitarian & development agencies deliver the most to people in need.
The objective of the event is to demonstrate the capabilities of SCAN, discuss our vision for systematic cost efficiency analysis with the humanitarian and development communities, and provide concrete next steps for people interested in using the SCAN tool or resulting data.

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