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About the network

VOICE stands for “Voluntary Organisations in Cooperation in Emergencies”. VOICE is the main NGO interlocutor with the European Union on emergency aid and disaster risk reduction, and it promotes the values of humanitarian NGOs. It is a network representing 86 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) active in humanitarian aid worldwide, who are based in 19 European countries. Created in 1992, the overall vision of VOICE is a collective European NGO response to humanitarian crises. The mission of VOICE is to enhance the collective influence of the network with the EU, including its Member States, as well as to promote the humanitarian principles and the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian action.



VOICE Strategic Objectives:

  1. To ensure the policies, practices and funding of the EU and Member States’ institutions relevant to humanitarian aid are increasingly adherent to core humanitarian principles and good practice
  2. To increase the recognition of NGOs as key actors in the delivery of humanitarian aid by the EU, the Member States and other relevant stakeholders
  3. To increase the effectiveness of VOICE collective action in pursuit of quality humanitarian aid





VOICE Grand Bargain Project

This website was among the objectives of the VOICE Grand Bargain project implemented between December 2017 and May 2019. The project, funded by the Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs, intended to contribute to a more inclusive and possibly a more contextualized implementation of the Grand Bargain by fostering NGOs’ and frontline responders’ engagement. The GrandBargain4NGOS website aimed at capturing all the initiatives linked to the Grand Bargain in which humanitarian actors can provide input.

Since the very beginning of the Grand Bargain initiative, VOICE has been engaged in the process through its Grand Bargain Task Force. Initiated soon after the launch of the Grand Bargain, the VOICE Grand Bargain Task Force, which gathers VOICE members signatory and non-signatory of the Grand Bargain, has shared substantial NGO recommendations and influenced EU and international discussions on the Grand Bargain.

The project was articulated around 3 main strands:

  1. Maintaining the work of the GB Task Force and its involvement in promoting at EU level the added value of NGOs in the GB process
  2. Thanks to partnerships with Southern NGOs networks, increasing the involvement of front-line responders
  3. Developing communication tools to support the two first strands and facilitate access to relevant information on the Grand Bargain implementation

See here highlights of VOICE and the Grand Bargain process

In the framework of this project, VOICE organized several workshops in Somalia, Lebanon and the Democratic Republic of Congo and at European level. Find here the final report of the project with key findings and recommendations per country.

Although the VOICE Grand Bargain project is now closed, the Grand Bargain Task Force has reiterated its engagement to keep the forum open to generate discussion on the Grand Bargain. VOICE has been involved in the GB process from the very beginning and its involvement has been notably recognized by the ODI Grand Bargain Annual Independent Reports. Following the 2020 Grand Bargain Annual Meeting, VOICE, collectively with SCHR, ICVA and InterAction, issued a Joint Statement calling for renewed political commitment for the fifth year of the GB and building a strong future vision for it.

Please find here VOICE main publications on the Grand Bargain

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